Let’s Get Physical

I met with my trainer again yesterday. I’m sore today, but not as much, and I managed to do more yesterday than last week. This is no small feat, considering I didn’t work out in the interim because I was sick, everyone else was sick and going to the gym was out of the question. She wants me to do two days a week with weights and three to five cardio. The nice thing is, she’s not married to me having to go to the gym to work out and she likes the Firm videos, so some of my workouts will be at home. I have all the Firm toys — the fanny lifter (which is a huge-ass 14 inch step, for those of you who are not “Firm Believers”), the barbell, the dumbells, the tapes, the mat. I also have a cool Pilates ball that I am learning how to use. Right now it’s used to tenderize my abdominal wall like cheap beef, but it’s a good thing.

I shared my motivation with my trainer yesterday and she took it well, meaning, she took it seriously and didn’t get all maudlin about it. I like that. A friend of mine is interested in joining Weight Watchers with me and I think I might actually go to meetings again if I had company. So another good thing. Woo. Who knows how I’ll look by the time I get to Arizona?

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