Project Healthy Body

I’m getting more serious about Project Healthy Body. Today I made an arrangement to meet with my PT (that’s personal trainer, not physical therapist!) twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We’re developing a weight training/resistance routine that’s fine-tuned towards my goals. I’ve also picked up some key new DVDs to do cardio at home. On Thursday, S. and I will start attending Weight Watchers meetings. I lost 50 pounds the last time I got serious with WW, and I’ve only gained 15 of that back — not too shabby, considering I had a baby in the interim. Anyway, I still have about 50 to go, so it’s time to get serious. What’s more important than the weight is being healthy — and looking good in belly dance gear wouldn’t hurt either. I’m not above saying how I look definitely factors into all this. It would be nice to see a size 12 again, but I’ll settle for just looking good!

Anyway, I’m writing about it here as a way to up my accountability. I’ll update from time to time and I don’t mind getting the occasional question/comment/email about it.

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