Reformer II – The Sequel

You knew I had to post something quick, right? Because that last post was painfully embarrassing, and I can feel my friends across the country either laughing or wincing, and I don’t know which is worse.

Today was my first day with The Reformer. All my fears about it being a torture device were well-founded. Jeez Louise, that thing turned me into a noodle-limbed weakling. And all my fantasies about it just working my “powerhouse” (the abs & back, for the Pilates-illiterate), were pushed right out the studio door. I worked everything today, friends and neighbors, and I can plainly see (or feel, as it were) that I will pay for this tomorrow. I hope I have the strength to work on my cardio on my non-Pilates/weight days so I can melt off the fat and see what the hell I’m doing. The nice thing about today is that the instructor kept complimenting me on my body awareness, meaning, essentially, my coordination. She only had to show me something once and I got it. It was kind of fun when it wasn’t hurting.

I think some of my friends might be worried I’m pushing myself too hard. Hell, I thought I might be pushing myself too hard this week. But I remembered today that I ratcheted it up this week, I moved to two strength days a week instead of one AND I actually did a cardio workout. I plan to do another tomorrow morning. The next week will probably be hard, but then I will have defined my limits and things will get better. This is part of my earth-work this year. I am definitely reconnecting with my body.

So anyway, I’m off to enjoy the remainder of a beautiful spring day. The scent of the lilacs in the backyard is drifting in the open windows, filling the whole house with their exquisite, soft fragrance. There is a breeze blowing, the temp is in the mid-eighties and the sound of lawnmowers are buzzing all around. It makes me wish for a hammock and a nap. Of course, all things considered, watching me get in and out of that hammock might be entertaining…

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