Okay, apparently I was premature in celebrating my painfree state post-Pilates. It just took an extra twelve hours to kick in, is all. So starting late last night and lasting well into today, the muscles in my inner thighs and lower back feel like rubber bands that are stretched way too tight and are ready to snap at the slightest motion. If you’re familiar with the tarot, I sleep in the Hanged Man position — I’m sure that’s rife with meaning, but last night, it just meant I didn’t sleep well because every time I tried to pull my knee up, my inner thighs screamed loudly and woke me up. Since it’s my normal sleeping position, my damned leg kept trying to creep up there, all night long, and my damned thigh shrieked in protest every time. It’s not as bad as my butt was, it definitely doesn’t restrict my movement as much, but it’s there, a nifty reminder of how much work I have to do before I can consider myself even remotely in shape.

And if that wasn’t enough to keep me from getting sleep, poor Nina is really not feeling well. She was cranky yesterday, basically unappeasable, and I knew something was up because she’s not just like that. As I explained to Jeff, she doesn’t just wake up some days with a mission to piss us off by being the princess with the pea, there’s a reason. And sure enough, the fever came last night, she had a horrible night of not sleeping and this morning her little eyes are all red and droopy and she doesn’t want to do anything but lay on dad and occasionally fuss. I think we can safely rule out a hangover, so she must have some kind of virus.

So anyway, if you have some free time today and want to see the world through the eyes of a child, go see my friend Brendan Alexander over at Perplexing Times. Jeff and I have been reading Brendan since I saw the site advertised on Yahoo’s “Site of the Day” and we love it. We read it just about every morning. It’s sort of like a talking baby book, but very witty. I think Bruce Willis should do the voice of Brendan. Anyway, stop by, do some reading and leave a note that you were there. Brendan will love it.

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