A Day of Anxiety

Just so’s you know, I’ve changed my three fields at the bottom to tarot cards. I want to record them more regularly and I write more regularly here, so there they are. The only problem, I think, is that old entries will show up with songs, books and thoughts where tarot cards are indicated. I think that’s just a hazard of the easy template design at Diaryland. So now you know.

Tonight I have a party to go to where I will meet new people. I have to admit to having some anxiety about this. I always do — on New Year’s I was also invited to a get together where there were people I’d never met before. I’m not sure why meeting new people at a party gives me the willies. I think it’s some kind of insecurity — what will they think? Will they see that I am a total geek nerd girl? It’s a throw back to junior high, I know. And I always end up having fun in the end, but not before day of working myself into a frenzy of neurotic fear and self-doubt. I mean, heck, there will be drums there. Of course I’ll have a good time. Heh.

We missed the opening of Harry Potter last night and I am both relieved and disappointed. I’m relieved because I know I’m going to cry when I see it. Jasmine should be here for it and that’s all I could think about last night when we were on our way to find out our trip to see the movie was in vain. But I’m disappointed because I really love those damned books and I wanted to see it on opening day. The lame movie theaters around here don’t sell tickets online and we didn’t get out till late yesterday, so there ya have it. I don’t know if we’ll get to it today either. ::sigh:: I guess the flip side of it is, by the time we do get to it — Sunday or Monday — maybe the crowds will have subsided.

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