Sunday, Amy Ray @ Martini Ranch

Amy Ray played Martini Ranch last night. L invited me and I went, completely unfamiliar with the artist, other than knowing she was half of the Indigo Girls. Honestly, I’ve never been a huge Indigo Girls fan. I don’t know why. Just that the few songs I heard weren’t really my thing. But Amy Ray’s solo stuff? Whol-ee shit. I’m still reeling. I’ve said before that really good music is like a slow fuck orgasm, the kind that makes you feel every cell in your body as it expands and contracts. It’s been a very long time since I heard something like that in person. Stand-out songs – Laramie, which was the last song she played. The memory of the guitar jam makes the hair raise on my arms. Kaia Wilson? Words fail. Bus Bus – no way to stand still. Cold Shoulder made me grin like an idiot – fun melody, but the words were too close to the truth to NOT be funny. SLC Radio – Amy Ray’s voice was smoky, sexy. Sort of like the person I was with. Birds of a Feather. Put It Out for Good. Yeah, pretty much I’m hooked. I can’t stop listening. Smart woman that she is, Amy played songs from every solo album – which means I have to buy them all.

This weekend was so awesome – rejuvenating, fabulous, filled with amazing people and great conversation. I’m so full of good things.

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