I have been nudged by the lovely karlita, which surprised me I must say. I guess I thought out of sight, out of mind for my f’list. As with so many things lately, I was wrong. 🙂

There is so much going on both internally and externally that I haven’t even begun to process it all, not here, not with friends, not even by myself. Intersections of patterns, broken patterns, relationships, sexuality, little earthquakes, basically… I haven’t updated because everything is still simmering in my head and my heart and my gut doesn’t know what to make of it all just yet.

The shorthand is that I’m moving to Seattle. My last day at work is November 6th. Jeff is going to Seattle with us. All the details (and there are so many) are unsettled, up in the air and generally creating a Monica who’s not clear and calm in body nor mind nor spirit.

I feel alone, but alone with a telephone to my friends, so I’m not isolated. I feel overwhelmed, but pretty sure it’s going to settle out once I get out of the quagmire that is my life in Arizona. I feel anxious but hope is gaining on that feeling pretty quickly. In a week I’ll be able to get on with worrying about the details of prepping to move. For now I’m simply waiting for the clouds to lift.

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