When Plans Fail

Things are not going according to plan. Not at all. To begin with, Jeff’s unemployment ended in late October. That wasn’t part of the plan. That took about $2500 out of the money we’d counted on to make this move. So I started selling books to help off-set the loss. I’ve made money, but not enough. My retirement was about $800 less than I expected. The financial aid situation with school is also not going according to plan. I’m having trouble getting anyone to respond to my phone calls and emails and now seriously doubt I’ll be able to get any assistance till March. No nibbles on any resumes I’ve sent to Washington. Little things are chipping away at the money we have left – sick kids (no insurance), mechanical failures (flat tires, et al) and so on. Bottom line is that at the barest minimum, we are somewhere between $800 and $1000 short of the money we need to get to Washington. The barest minimum does not include holiday gifts, storage costs for our stuff or a trailer should the one we’re currently borrowing not be available for the long haul north.

The only thing of decent value we have left to sell is our bedroom set and selling that leaves us without a bed or dresser. We could do it, sleep on an aerobed and live out of suitcases, but it seems to be getting ridiculously extreme to make this move. Almost biblical.

We could do loans, but that’s replicating the problem that got us into this hole. Also, without a solid job prospect to ensure being able to pay it back, well, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea to borrow money.

We can stay with my parents for awhile, but Gabrielle is NOT excited about staying in Parker or about having to do the new girl thing twice in 2010. Staying in Parker alleviates financial concerns and gives us a chance to save some money, but it breeds all kinds of emotional discontent in the fam.

Dark days of winter, indeed. I know what the logical thing to do is. It’s just the bitterest medicine ever.

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