Venty McVenterson

About 18 years ago, my parents entered into a contract with a private party to buy a manufactured home for about $43K. Their interest rate was outrageous, but it was still a reasonable payment. My dad died in April. One month later, my mom made an offer to pay off the place – she offered $10K on the $14K owed. The person refused. We’ll call her “D”.

D’s next move was to begin harassing my mother about their payment arrangement. My mom opened a new checking account when my dad died, and she opened it at a credit union instead of a bank. D’s has decided that a) she must cash the check the day she receives it and b) since my mom writes it on her credit union account and since D doesn’t have an account there, she is going to charge my mother the $7 D’s bank charges to cash the check. When my mother refused to pay, D refused to take her payment at all, saying she was going to call her attorney.

This. Bitch. Is. Fucking. With. My. Mom. She calls my mom several times a day. Tonight she tried to lunge at my mom – and when my brother intervened to keep her away, she “dared” him to hit her. Fortunately, he did not. I’m not sure I could have kept my temper. Probably. But I’m not 100%. I told him they need to contact my mom’s attorney immediately. I also told him to tell Mom to stop deleting the voicemails.  I told him to record every conversation, using a recorder if they can when it’s not on the phone.

I’m so pissed I could spit. What the HELL is wrong with people?!  I call down justice on this woman. I would love to see the scales balanced. Taking advantage of a grieving woman is just FUCKED UP.

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