I think last night I had my first experience of “runner’s high.” I shaved my time down to just under 15 minutes/mile and I did a bit of jogging. Remember in my last post that I wanted to get my time down there before Cinco de Mayo 10K? So yeah… I did the double-devil fist pump last night as my app announced my pace. I felt elated, so great. Still do.

Earlier in the week I missed a day of training to go to the doc and find out what’s up with my respiratory system. I thought I’d had an un-kickable cold, but it turns out that I’m dealing with a bad allergy/asthma combo. Seems people move to Oregon, do great the first year, and then get slammed with nasty allergies the second year. And here I am, midst of the second year… But I have inhalers and sprays and pills, and after three or four days of consistently taking them, I feel better. And did I mention that improved time?  ::grin:: So yeah, even with the missed day, a great week.

One of the things I’ve loved most is what I’ve learned from sticking to the training schedule that Portland Fit lays out. Really sticking to it, and not pushing, which has been hard. It really, really works. I don’t know why I’m surprised, but I am. I’m surprised I’m doing this, that it’s not killing me, that I don’t want to stop. 6 miles tomorrow. 6 miles. I can’t believe that I’m looking forward to it, not scared, just curious. I mapped a great route that goes through a few local parks and I’m really looking forward to seeing more signs of spring. I sometimes wish I could stop everywhere and take pics.  Maybe next year I’ll work a weekend eeeeaaasssy walk into my early training so I can stop and photo the roses (I know, terrible pun).

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