On Eating Choices (Cont’d Thoughts from Yesterday)

This article pretty much sums up what I was trying to say yesterday. Provided thanks to The Fat Nutritionist, complete with her thoughts, which echo my own:


“I am not really for or against any particular method of eating that works for an individual – if it works for you, then you have my blessing (not that you needed it.)

There is a difference, though, when it comes to the logic, evidence, and mechanisms offered as explanations for why any particular diet “works” for people. And logical fallacies abound in diet theories, particularly the naturalistic fallacy and the fallacy of antiquity:

‘Ever since the rise of science and industry, there has long been a significant proportion of the population who distrust, fear, and sometimes even loathe modernity.’

There is a place here for anthropological and sociological analyses, because humans are both social and symbolic creatures, but we often discard those analyses in favour of sexy, sciencey-sounding biochemical explanations that discard the context and get us lost among the trees, forsaking the forest.

Again, I don’t care how anyone eats, as long as they aren’t harming others – but I do care about abuses of logic and science in their explanations of why they choose to eat a certain way.

With that, here is an article that critically discusses Paleo eating ideas – http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/index.php/its-a-part-of-my-paleo-fantasy-its-a-part-of-my-paleo-dream

I could apply this to so many things, things that I even hold dear, like herbal remedies. But this article appeals to the pragmatist inside, and she is strong. I’ve been doing this enough years to know that there is no “one way” for everyone. I’ll listen to my body and figure it out. My body is wise.

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