Racing Tomorrow

It’s kind of looking like I may be alone for tomorrow’s race. Gab is going to try to make it with Nina, and so is Jeff, but I have a feeling I’ll be alone when I cross the finish line. I have mixed feelings about that. I mean, on one hand, it really is my personal thing, my victory over my own lack of faith in my body and my will. Most of the meaning in this is mine, and I don’t think I can really share that. On the other hand, I’m kind of bummed that it’s the first athletic competition I’ve entered since I was in junior high school and the only one I’ve ever entered without being part of a team. The only one who’s going to celebrate that is me, at least at the moment it happens. If I raise my arms when I hit the finish, the only person who will whoop will be a stranger (if anyone at all). So there’s that.

Above all, though, I have such a sense of anticipation about it all. I’m thinking about fueling and hydrating and strategy for squeezing out my best time. I’m thinking I’m glad I won’t have to make small talk. I put together an awesome playlist on Spotify and it’s all ready to go. I do find myself downplaying it a bit, since it’s “only” 6 miles. Only 6 miles. Two months ago 3 miles nearly did me in. But in two weeks, I’ll be at my first half marathon, and that’s over twice the distance! Can I do it? I have much more confidence in tomorrow’s event, but I like the challenge of 13 miles too.

So anyway, if there’s anyone out there who actually reads this, please think of me tomorrow morning at about 8:20 PST. That’s when I start. And then think again between 9:30 and 10:00 because that’s when I anticipate my finish. And if you have my cell number, please DO send text messages, funny pictures and videos of you cheering me on!


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