Moved and Moving

I made it to Astoria, completely, as of Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, I also bruised/sprained the hell out of my right foot in the process. This is also the foot with arthritis, so it’s not a happy foot. That said, I’ve been walking home from work (a hair over a mile, with several steep downhills) 3-4 days a week for the past two weeks. Yesterday Nina and I walked downtown and cruised a bit, walking back. All together it was about 2.5 miles, but they were very leisurely miles. My foot was good though.

My walk home includes a short cut, and perhaps after another week of walking it, I’ll start taking the longer way, which brings it closer to 2 miles. Then I’ll add a longer walk on the weekends, shooting to increase speed graaaaadually. I know I’ve gained weight since the back/foot combo, and I want to lose a little before I go crazy. Why? Knees and lungs. My knees are not happy with me and I know it’s about weight. I’ve had to use my inhaler several times in the course of a day. Not sure what’s starting it, but I suspect weight is exacerbating it. So on Tuesday I’m going to start a course with Weight Watchers. My co-worker is the leader, so that should help quite a bit with accountability!

I’m not sure what my next “event” is going to be, but I think I’m going to focus on conquering trails around here. That equals hills, so it’s a different sort of challenge. I’m not even sure how to (or whether to) measure progress, beyond completion. Once I find some favorites, maybe then I’ll start tinkering with time. For now, I’m just loving getting to know my new community.

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