Next Up… A Full Marathon. Yeah. I’ve Officially Lost My Mind. :-)

I have woefully moved away from healthy habits since moving. I think training helps me stay on track, so I’m going to kickstart with another training goal, this one being a marathon. I’m going to target the Hagg Hybrid because I love trails so much, and I think Train With Bain recommended it.

Right now my strategy is to deal with my still sore/weak ankle in two ways. First, I need to lose weight. I think I may see a bonus with less lower back/hip pain and less exercise-induced asthma. I’ll be weighing in with WW tomorrow, and swearing off dairy and alcohol. This will also help me set an initial weight goal, as I have no idea where I currently am. I’ll need to add a probiotic supplement to help my digestive tract, and pay good attention to what I’m eating. I’m tired of being tired AND I’m even more tired of dealing with an unhappy digestive tract. I know my eating habits are a culprit here.

The second part of my strategy is to start with the Zombies, Run 5K app and gradually work up. This will help build my ankle back up and calm my asthma symptoms down (I hope). Once I’m running 5K (I’m projecting by the end of December), then I’ll start the “formal” marathon training, probably using Galloway‘s schedule with chi running technique. If they schedule Hagg Hybrid in the fall (September) like they did this year, then I should be okay.

Anyone out there with me? I’d like to work in some gentle cross-training, but I have massive fear around it since that’s how I hurt my back in April. Thoughts? I do have access to a very limited gym. Does the elliptical count as cross-training?

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