Physical therapy continues and I’m feeling better, for the most part. My lower back is much happier, and when it’s not, I know how to fix it. I have exercises that I’m doing to strengthen everything connected to my back (which is… everything, pretty much). I am, however, still having neck issues and they’re affecting my sleep. I have an appt with the doc on Friday, and I’m going to see what she recommends for that. If nothing else, I may have my therapist show Jeff the thing he does to make the neck pain go away, but I don’t know if that will stand up to whatever’s causing the pain in the first place.

I’ve returned to a vegetarian diet over the last week. I think I’m going to stay with it for awhile. For one thing, it just plain feels better in my gut. Like, literally. My body doesn’t really like processing meat or meat-type foods. Small amounts of dairy (very small) are ok. Eggs are iffy. Nuts are great, so I think I’ll be relying more on them for protein. Beans are … iffy. Depends on the bean and the preparation, I guess. I am VERY sad to report that I’m having to cut back on super spicy foods, which means that unless I throw caution to the wind (and let’s face it, I often do), my diet is kind of bland. But hey… no tummy pain and better energy, so, win.

Walking is going well, though it is still hard to feel like it’s always only going to be walking. And maybe it won’t. But I’m sure trying to make peace with it. I think it will help when I get out on the trails. Nature is a great peacemaker. 4 miles coming up this weekend. Between the PT and the walking, I’m down a few pounds. I expect this trend to continue as long as I can keep my focus on what feels good in the long term, and not the short term.

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