Academic Writing (Bardic Course – NOD)

For this assignment, we were asked to read, summarize and synthesize the web article “Doing the Work: Building a Pagan Practice.” This excellent article addressed the importance of what is often called “The Work” of living a Pagan lifestyle.  Without placing judgement on so-called “armchair” or “holiday” Pagan, the author asks the reader to consider how they wish to engage with Paganism as a spiritual practice. If the reader finds it important to live a Pagan lifestyle, the author suggests that rigorous study and practice is key. I happen to agree, and found the article to be concise and helpful – and I shared it with my small coven, who often squawk when asked to read – GASP! – an entire book or do daily – WHAT? – meditation practice.  And – HORRORS – that perhaps it’s good to check the reliability of your sources. I particularly appreciated the examples the author offered from her own practice, both in terms of her approach and her experience.

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