choosing topics (Bardic Course – NOD)

Part One – From the list of topics below, choose one and tell me why you chose it and what kind of paper you would be writing on it:

Initiation, meditation, mythology, cauldron, Lugh, Cú Chulainn

I would choose to write on mythology because it is a favorite topic of mine. I believe mythology is how we make sense of the world, and that it is an ongoing creation with themes that span the history of humanity – such as the hero’s journey. I would write a paper that compares ancient mythological stories with modern myths, pulling out the shared themes and contrasting the historical context of each myth.

Part Two – Within the topic of Druidry, pretend that you are doing one of the specialized courses and select a topic that you want to specialize in. Now tell me why you would choose it and what kind of paper you would be writing on it and why.

I would love to take Celtic Polytheism to round out my knowledge. I’ve studied it for years, but not in a formalized way. The area I’d specialize in – at least to start – would be seership. I chose this after reviewing the course and finding that this topic offers an applied approach to Celtic polytheism. I would write about my experience with tools such as meditation, but also with the importance of surrounding these tools with solid resources. I would choose this topic because I value the marriage of theory and practice.

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