Anti-social media

Taking away social media has brought a lot of attention to how much time I was spending using it. When I have a free moment, I still have to stop my fingers from typing “” into the address bar – out of habit, rather than a real desire to be there. I kind of feel out of touch, but I kind of don’t. I’ve been making a quick round of news sites, including CNN (least), NPR (most) and BBC News, but nothing seems to be at all changed in the week since I cut the cord.

What HAS changed is the amount of anxiety those sites were causing me. I’m glad to be disconnected from the noise. I’m trying to think of ways to maintain relationships with my physically distant friends that don’t have to include social media. I used to mass email people when I had big news, and then spend more time with fewer people having deeper discussions via email. I liked it better that way, and maybe that’s where I’ll find my solution. You know, I can ransack FB Messenger on occasion to get email addresses and go from there. And maybe that’s what I’ll do.

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