dreambook & planner, hereforth known as D&P

As part of my work to get myself together in 2017, I purchased the Rituals for Living Dreambook & Planner from The Dragontree Apothecary. I chose this particular book because of it’s focus on creating rituals for every day living, and also because I absolutely 600loved what I could see of the goal-setting and planning exercises. Once I received it, I was not disappointed. In fact, I was so the opposite of disappointed that I immediately bought two more copies for two dear friends.

I’ll be doing some of the exercises here since for me, the magick happens between my fingers and the keyboard, rather than between a pencil and paper. You  may say I’m missing out on the organic experience of paper and pencil. I’d say 601there’s nothing more organic than the pounding of my fingers on the keyboard, literally beating each letter into place. That’s primal stuff right there.

So I’ll be creating a category or tag so peeps can follow if they like. I’d love to see a group of people working together to create beautiful life rituals and to hit their goals.

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