Summer News

Whew! What a summer it was! The clearing ritual I did in May really helped us in a big way. In June I decided that I was going nuts staying home and that it might be time for me to find a job. Money was tightening and we were concerned about Jasmine’s health coverage. I took a deep breath and leapt into the job market and landed a wonderful job. I was hired on as a receptionist in a law office, but that has since blossomed into a position where I take care of all the computers, troubleshooting, updating and upgrading. I’m thrilled with what I’m doing, the money is excellent and the girls are doing extremely well in their schooling. Jeff interviews in a week to work for the same wonderful company I’m working for. Things are really looking up for us, perhaps better than ever before and I can’t help but think that it’s due in large part to my recent spiritual workings. My hps and I have been intensifying our studies and in addition, the email discussion group has provoked some growth-inspiring conversation as well. Life is very, very good right now.

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