Ord Brighideach

Today I was accepted into Ord Brighideach, an online group of people dedicated to Brighid. I’m so excited; I can’t believe there’s an organization out there just for Her. I was accepted into Cill Fearno/g – Alder, and will hold the 15th Shift. Basically this entails tending Brighid’s Flame from sundown to sundown every 19th day. Brighid tends on the 20th day. I’m still learning about Her. I never really looked for Her before… too “homey” I guess. I think I might have inadvertently (or maybe subconsciously) invited Her in at the Ren Faire in February when I bought a wheat woven St. Brighid’s Cross and hung it on my mantle. I’ve spent so many years waiting to feel called… Finally I do. It’s such a honor… words can’t describe.

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