Second Degree Coming Up

My second degree will be this month via a proxy priestess. LOL! How funny is that? I’ve been working for a year towards my third, actually and now I’m sort of on the horns of a dilemma. As I’ve been working with Rowan, my student, and Marsh and Jeff in my Study Circle, I find myself drawn towards a more fluid kind of leadership. One that is perhaps more Reclaiming in style. I spent the Equinox at Diana’s Grove with Rowan and all I could think was that we had so much to learn from each other — I’m not the only one with something to share. Rowan thinks this might be the mark of a good teacher, but I find myself chaffing at the constraints of traditional Wicca. Reclaiming calls and I know I should listen to my heart — but what I’ve started with Boudica is such a worthy project. A new tradition… these are probably just growing pains, I know, but it weighs much on my mind. It is time for a heart-to-heart with Boudica and this is made more difficult by recent world events, her studies and our distance from each other. It’s the kind of talk that’s better done in person so we can read each other’s body language. I don’t want to abandon Cassandra… I just want to leave more room for personal expression in each coven. It’s not impossible and I have at least opened the door with Boudica… more later.

This was my first year as a Mystery student of Diana’s Grove. I will be signing up for another year… and probably another after that and so on. I’m going to begin the Priestess track this year and Rowan and I are heading up a Central Illinois Mysteries group. Our hope is to share the growth our packets will kindle… and Rowan and I in particular will be sharing the experience of the Priestess path. I’m so looking forward to my visits to the Grove next year.

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