So yesterday was my birthday. My coven and my family (Jeff and the girls) got together and threw me a party/ritual and then we went out to drink. Part of the birthday ceremony included the giving of gifts, which were accompanied by words of thanks for the gifts I give to my community. It was a moving experience and I really hope we do make a tradition of doing this for each coven member. I was allowing myself the privilege of not acknowledging my impact on people and it was a nice reminder that I do have an effect on my community. Not only that, but I got the greatest gifts this year! I think having the focus being on exchange with community really influenced what people brought.

After the ritual, we went out to the only bar I’ve ever visited in the BN area — The Loft. It’s pretty clean for a bar, not too smoky, and they have really good “martinis” and cosmopolitans. We talk about any number of things and then we left, a little later than intended and Jeff supported me out the door. We walked outside to about a half inch of snow, which wasn’t there when we went into the bar. It was really magical and felt like an added blessing on my birthday. I wanted to just revel in it a little.

My coven, which I think of as my chosen family, and my husband and children are the best, bar none. I really love them and they help me be the person I am. I know that sounds cliched, but it’s true and I don’t know how I got so lucky as to have them in my life.

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