Bruised Dragonfly Wings

Jasmine is still in ICU — no real change for better or worse. She is awake and mostly alert most of the time, though she tires very easily. She says she’s going to beat this thing. In a nutshell, what is happening is that the tissues of her lungs have some kind of infection. They are full of fluid — the tissues themselves, not the airways — and cannot convert oxygen into her bloodstream well. If she lays still and has lots of oxygen through a non-rebreather, her sats stay good. If she even gets up to go to the bathroom, they plummet because her body cannot keep up with the demand for oxygen. As of this morning they still don’t know what we are dealing with. They are treating her for viral, fungal and bacterial infection because they don’t know which it is. Once they identify the problem, or she gets better, they will wean her down on the meds. Her life is very much in the balance at this point. I am so thankful for modern medicine right now it goes beyond words, but we could really use prayers right now.

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