Acts of Reverence and Mirth

Jasmine’s wake was a beautiful celebration of her life and I just want to share moments of it that stand out in my mind, in no particular order:

Drumming with about thirty people, children with shakers, drumming a heart of community that sustains us.

Faces from my childhood, family and friend, faces from college, faces that knew Jasmine well, faces that offered compassion and love.

Excellent food and drink.

Touring the scary, “Silence of the Lambs” basement. You never did see the coal room. Mwa ha ha ha ha…

Adding to Jasmine’s altar, stones, words, art.

Singing beautiful old songs with friends, a guitar and drum accompanying.

Moments of sharing Jasmine’s life with friends.

Seeing children play joyfully (and seeing them joined by a few adults!) in the bedroom.

Joy, love, sorrow, compassion, laughter, silliness… so much richness in one house, celebrating one beautiful little dragonfly’s transformation.

Thank you, my friends and family. We are blessed.

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