We came home to an ugly letter from Jeff’s aunt. I’m not sure what, if anything, to do about it. He had started to regrow a relationship with her last year in the wake of his grandmother’s death, but they had a falling out before Jasmine’s death related to money he inherited from his grandmother when she died. Now the aunt has sent him a letter that had a short “so sorry Jasmine died” sentence and then launched into a two page typed diatribe about how we should not have taken time off work to spend Jasmine’s last few months with her, how we should and should not be spending our inheritance, how her kids didn’t get anything, how we hurt her daughter (Jeff’s cousin) feelings because I am following my dream, etc. It was just really ugly and bothered Jeff when we got home today and he read it. I’m pissed that she would be so insensitive, especially now. Should I respond to her letter? Should I just let it go and take the “higher ground” of concentrating on our own grieving and ignore her? Jeff’s inclination is to just ignore her, but the letter just rubbed me the wrong way. I’ve been trying to respond to each card and letter we’ve received if it has a nice note or something in it, but how am I supposed to respond to this?

I will write about our trip when I’m feeling less irritated by other people’s bullshit.

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