Spring Equinox 2004

Last night’s ritual was very low-key and informal. Participants included my family, Cedar and her husband and S. We continued the PFC tradition of dying eggs with symbols on them of things we’d like to grow this year, which we will later bury in our prospective gardens. Cedar also had the great idea of taking home blooming flowers, tulips and daffodils, which we can also plant. Another PFC tradition we kept — hot cross buns. And we had a rhythm circle with egg shakers we made in circle. That worked out pretty well, with us finally finding a good rhythm groove in the last few minutes of the chant. Before that, it was kind of chaotic, but I thought that was appropriate, given that the awakening of spring can be chaotic here in the Midwest. I thinking having Nina in ritual at this point is crazy, especially if it’s later at night. I wish I would have thought about that earlier. It didn’t help that she’s got some kind of cold that’s making her cranky, or that Jeff and I also have it and it’s making US cranky.

We planned it yesterday and I think that it went well, considering that. Cedar and I discussed the ET issue a bit during that meeting and she shared that her meeting with S. had went well.

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