I Need A Schedule!

It has become clear to me that I need to include my spiritual stuff in my calendar or else I will keep putting it off. So the books that are part of my self-study? I just entered them into my calendar. It will go something like this:

Monday: Witch Crafting
Tuesday: Inner Temple of Witchcraft
Wednesday: Grounding/Chakras
Thursday: Tarot
Friday: Sustainable Living
Saturday: Drumming & Dancing
Sunday: Elemental Magic

If I do a little every day, it won’t pile up. And I’m working out — self-care. I think I’m going to schedule a weekly massage. That’s a way of nurturing myself that doesn’t involve eating. Finally, journaling, writing is another thing I’m doing to nurture myself. So that’s three. Woo!

Lots of planning in the works right now. There is the release/cleansing ritual in ET’s wake next Tuesday, moon this Sunday… outreach stuff… it’s a good thing.

If this plan is too ambitious, I reserve the right to revise it later, rather than just wuss out of doing it all together.

Loving the mentoring thing. Cedar, I am wishing we had more time together! Maybe letting Jeff have his way and waiting until early August to move isn’t a bad idea.

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