MIL Dreams

Wow, did I have a weird dream about Jeff’s mom this morning. I know it was inspired by a phone call from her yesterday, but it disturbed me. When she called yesterday, she was clearly not doing well. She has multiple sclerosis and in the past ten years or so it has really had its way with her cognitive functions. Jeff said she could barely finish a sentence, often didn’t, and I know when I listened to her voicemail she sounded very confused.

In my dream she suffered a delusional breakdown and Jeff and I had to go attend to her. When Jeff called her on the phone, she whispered to him, calling him some “code name” and was extremely paranoid that the people in her assisted living facility were out to get her. What’s more, she believed that her dad, who died in 1996, was actually alive and hiding from her in Germany, so she was going to go there and find him. Jeff had to give her some kind of injection to put her to sleep so the staff could care for her. The assisted living facility bore a strange resemblance to the resort we recently visited in Jamaica.

This may be the first time I’ve ever dreamed about Jeff’s mom.

In other news, it appears I spoke too soon about the horrid illness leaving the house. In addition to a crappy bout of insomnia which left me up till well after 3AM this morning, when I did wake up at 8, I had a horrible sore throat and my right ear was again both aching and deaf. I’ve taken tylenol and a decongestant in hopes of fending it off. I am avoiding the doctor. I should probably really consider why.

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