Enough Already!

My dad had his surgery on Thursday and while the procedure itself went well, some dipshit nurse who was supposed to be checking him the night after his surgery missed the fact that he was having blood clots and apparently bleeding somewhere. So yesterday they had to go in again and find out where he was bleeding. His blood pressure is getting low, which means he may need a blood transfusion. When I spoke with Mom last night, she wasn’t yet sure whether they were successful.

Needless to say, I’m worried. My year has been shit so far, so what’s to stop this from turning to shit too? I did ask, nicely, for the universe to cease dumping excrement on my family for the rest of the year after Jasmine died. I truly hope this isn’t that. I don’t have the same, deep-in-the-gut fear and knowledge I did with Jasmine, but then, he’s not my kid. Maybe I don’t have the same attachment.

At any rate, if you can say a prayer or send some healing energy Dad’s way, that would be great.

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