Beltane 2004

Some quick and dirty thoughts about Beltane — because after all, what other holy day is deserving of quick and dirty?

I charged myself the night before by having great sex with Jeff. It’s kind of a tradition. We didn’t do it last year because I was painfully pregnant, but this year… mmmm. Anyway.

I really enjoyed the ritual, which Cedar and I did the bulk of planning. While we were setting up I was a little nervous because we didn’t have any of our “stuff” for ritual — no statues, no candles, etc. We had what Cedar had and as it turned out, that was just right. Of course I know that the magick is in the maker, but it was nice to see it demonstrated.

The trance was fabulous — I went to the site of my first witchcamp and it was empty, with sort of ghost-y people things all around. I revisited the place where I made my first “found” charm from things in nature and found the inspiration to do the same in our ritual on Sunday. When we went outside after the trance, spring was in full bloom, sun shining, birds singing, flowers scenting… never mind that it rained plenty later in the day.

I drummed for the chant in the middle and that felt a little weird, but good overall. Teaching the chant was nerve-wracking. I really need to get some kind of voice instruction. I don’t think it’s going to make me into a River or anything, but if I could at least understand and use whatever it is I have, that would be good.

I’ll be a Renaissance woman by the time I’m done preparing myself to be a Reclaiming teacher.

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