Last night we had an impromptu meeting about coven stuff instead of putting together bookshelves and unpacking boxes. Frankly, it was a welcome change. We are having a more formal meeting later — one far from marauding and screeching chillun’s — but it was good to get a jump on it and start talking about things like…

What happens when you are using consensus to work through a decision and someone simply goes apeshit-crazy? Goddess knows Prairie Fire dealt with that earlier this year. I was sort of stumped by it last night, but then this morning I realized… you just work through it. And that person either works with you, or they leave. At least that’s my experience thus far. Seems consensus is hard for some folks who would rather hand down edicts, but that’s another story all together.

Does the activist focus for a Sacred Fire Trad coven have to be environmental? Could it be social? And how could a coven support not just the group focus, but individual foci as well?

The implications of practical magic and how it shapes the witch. Phyllis Curott’s book “Witch Crafting.”

And many other cool witchy things.

I am so blessed to have someone here on a par with the folks in Illinois. And TS and I were remarking last night about how intertwined our experience is… I know I didn’t really give that the gravity it deserved until I was writing an introduction for myself the other day that gave an overview of my history with the Craft.

I don’t know if it’s the circumstance of moving and starting fresh, or that Nina is getting older, but I find myself stretching back into the skin of priestess and organizer. It’s a good fit. Yesterday I finally got around to drafting up a checklist for organizing events. I also wrote an intellectual property clause for PFC’s by-laws and did some here-and-there work for both groups.

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