You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Last year at this time we were getting a phone call from the transplant coordinator letting us know there were lungs available for Jasmine. Another family had made the decision we had to make six weeks ago.

We went to see Scooby Doo tonight and one of the trailers before the film was for the new Harry Potter film. It’s being released on June 4. It would have been part of Jasmine’s birthday celebration this year. I teared up in the movie theater — thank goodness for darkness. I must have looked like an idiot getting all teary-eyed over Harry Potter. The whole movie experience tonight was haunted by Jasmine. We shared a love of spooky things and she loved Scooby Doo. We went to see “Brother Bear” this past winter and they had the posters up for Scooby then — we talked about coming to see it.

My arms are aching to hold her. I want to smell her hair. I want to touch the dip between my nose and my forehead to the same dip between hers.

I guess the rollercoaster is heading into watery territory.

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