Coven Meeting

Last night we had a much needed re-meeting of the minds for our coven. The holidays really scattered things — next year I would like to work to keep that from happening again, or at least, minimize it. Despite postings here, I rarely saw Thalia for most of the period between October and December, even though I live barely two blocks away!

We have planned a coven birthing ritual for January 10, night of the new moon. I am very much looking forward to this ritual, as it will also involve the possible renaming of our coven to reflect our work with Dionysos and Ariadne. The following new moon will bring a ritual of initiation for Thalia and I, both into the coven and into our work with Dionysos and Ariadne.

Since we have started working with Dionysos, our ritual experiences have been intense and moving and… wow. Whatever edge I sat on with polytheism before, my work with Dionysos has definitely pushed me to one side of it. There’s some synchronicity involved, actually, because I had expressed interest earlier this year in deepening my work with deity — moving beyond the concept of psychological archetype. Since Dionysos exploded into my life, I have definitely done that. My experience of Him is real and hair-raising (in a good way). I don’t have the “why” answers, I just have my sensations and encounters, which have been more palpable than any before. I feel as if my mind has been split open to reveal my heart, and my heart has been bathed in wine, intoxicating and nourishing. The very fact that it is hard for me to articulate is a sign to me of the depth of the experience.

Anyway, we are very much looking forward to starting Study Circle with a local group in February, and our first Study Circle Open House will happen on February 5. The books we have selected are The Spiral Dance (about the only one that’s stayed the same in all study circles — but it may be usurped by her new book) by Starhawk, One Makes a Difference by Julia Butterfly Hill and Kharis: Hellenic Polytheism Explored by Sarah Kate Istra Winter. It should be a great study circle.

Arizona Reclaiming (watch that site for a major facelift and ritual info) is in the midst of planning for a public Brigit ritual, so that also serve as the coven’s Imbolc ritual — to try to plan more than one sabbat seems like insanity to me, and Thalia agreed. I think we may spend the Spring Equinox in the Hualapais with Ivy, maybe working with Persephone’s ascent from the Otherworld. I’m really looking forward to that.

Today I completed my study plan for 2005:

Year of the Hermit

Reclaiming Classes
Pentacle of Pearl
Witchcamp 2005

Ritual Arts

1.Belly Dance classes
2.Drum classes
3.Mystery School

Community Leadership
1.Arizona Reclaiming (participation in cells & teaching classes)
2.Coven building
3.Mystery School

Personal Work/Life Skills
1.Personal Finance create and follow a personal budget for 2005
2.Self care maintain a daily practice (journaling & sitting) and lose 50 lbs. through sensible diet & exercise
3.Feri training

Magical Arts
1.Thiasos Dionysos training
2.Elemental dedication: Fire
3.Continue tarot work daily readings & readings for others

It’s going to be a full year. I mentioned to Thalia that it is interesting to me that this is a Hermit year — I think that rather than withdrawal, I chose to see it as finding and following my inner guide. Actually, in light of working with Dionysos, I think it fits nicely into the mold of examining societal expectations and discerning which to keep and which to discard.

We also started our 2005 Vision Statement for the coven… I will post more about that later, after we transcribe our notes. Enough for one post, eh?

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