Today the sun slips into Aquarius, according to my Moon Shadows book from the Grove. It goes on to say:

Aquarius is the desire to understand human nature and to develop social-political structures. It is the yearning to weave uncompromised uniqueness into a harmonious tapestry. Freedom, individuality, friendship, society — these are the fixations of the Aquarian mind.

Uranus rules Aquarius… Aquarius is associated with the 11th house. I might just say that the social scientist in each of us lives in this segment of our chart. Uranus was the architect who built the 11th house. Aquarius inspired the blue print.

Although we are not all born in the time of Aquarius, we all have Uranus in our charts. We all have an 11th house.

What quality or qualities describe(s) your uniqueness?

I struggled with this for awhile tonight because I don’t know of many individual things I do that are unique. But… like Lugh, I am unique in that I am the only one who can do all the things I do the way I do them. So while the pieces may not be unique, the configuration is.

What kinds of friends do you choose? Who do you want to be in your community of associates?

I like friends of varied backgrounds and interests. Not all my friends make the same choices I do, and I value that. I learn from it. Sometimes I am inspired by it. My closer friends tend to have more in common with me and my very closest friends respect my strength but call me on my crap anyway. I’m pretty happy with the variety in my community… if there’s one group that’s underrepresented, it’s the bigoted, self-righteous one, but that’s just dandy with me.

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