40 Things in 5 Years

I got this great idea from wildforests, who made a list of 25 things to do in the 18 months before she turns 25. Since my next “milestone” is 35 and happens this year, I decided to do a list of 40 things to do before I turn 40, which happens in five years. Should be plenty of time, eh?

1. Lose the remaining 45 lbs. to reach my goal weight and maintain it.
2. Compete in a triathlon.
3. Learn to snow ski.
4. Sea-kayak the northern west coast.
5. Hike the Grand Canyon.
6. Become a vegetarian (again).
7. Publish my writing in a magazine or book.
8. Finish writing a novel.
9. Write a book about Jasmine
10. Earn my income by writing.
11. Visit the Mediterranean.
12. Visit the UK.
13. See New England in the fall.
14. Visit the Garden District in New Orleans.
15. Visit the Seattle area.
16. Spend a weekend in San Francisco with Jeff.
17. Successfully hive off a coven.
18. Complete the study program for my coven — writing it and implementing it.
19. Create the complete backbone of a coven Book of Shadows to pass down.
20. Aspect Dionysos and Ariadne (um, NOT at the same time).
21. Read tarot cards at camp.
22. Develop a spiritual movement practice (i.e. yoga, devotional dance, etc.)
23. Incorporate the Dionysian festivals into my yearly practice.
24. Perform with a belly dance troupe.
25. Learn to zil.
26. Take a workshop with Gabrielle Roth.
27. Buy a home.
28. Build a sacred garden in the back yard.
30. Have a sacred mom/daughter weekend with Gab and Nina every year.
31. Take doumbek, djembe and frame drum lessons.
32. Take singing lessons.
33. Take cello lessons.
34. Finish my bachelor’s degree
35. Finish business plan for store.
36. Attend a JournalCon.
37. Knit a scarf.
38. Crochet an afghan.
39. Scrapbook or file all our pictures.
40. Make a cache of handmade cards for all occasions.

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