Help! Nyx Has A Problem!

I love Nyx – I’ve had her for 3 weeks now. When I got her, she was about 7 weeks old. I asked if she’d been litter box trained and the answer was no. I read up on box training and got started. Three weeks later, I still have a big problem.

I kept her in a small room with the box for about a week, only letting her out during the day when someone could watch her. When she acted like she had to go, I took her to the box. There were minimal accidents, always on a blanket and always involving urine.

I use wheat clumping litter about 1 inch thick. I clean it once daily ALWAYS and usually more often than that. She seems to be fine with the litter most of the time – except for the occasional blanket lapse with urine.

She is never more than 12 feet away from the box (my apartment is tiny).

She is healthy – I had her checked out by the vet.

Most of the time, she goes pee in the box. She ALWAYS poos in the box. But she cannot seem to stop herself from randomly urinating on blankets. I’ve put all blankets out of her reach when I’m not around, kept her in the bathroom at night (with the box). The last two nights, I let her out to sleep with me and bam – pee on the blanket again.

The problem here doesn’t appear to be related to the litter box. The problem is breaking her of peeing on blankets whenever she feels like it. I’m at a loss. And I can’t have a cat peeing outside of the litter box. Keeping her locked in the bathroom when I can’t watch her for the rest of her life is not an option, obviously. So how can I get her to stop peeing on blankets? Gab will be heart-broken if I have to get rid of her.

EDIT: Three people have suggested Feliway between here and Facebook. Once I track it down, I’m going to give it a shot. Um, literally. 😉

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