Prayers for Nyx

The vet thinks Nyx has feline panleukopenia ( and and that there’s a chance she could survive it. All I know is that she hasn’t eaten anything of substance since Thursday morning, she’s starting to be dehydrated (stopped seeking water on her own last night), she has no energy at all, she’s seeking places to hide, she’s having some difficulty breathing (though no congestion) and she’s extremely weak. No vomiting, no diarrhea, no discharge from her eyes or ears.

We elected to give her a shot of B vitamins, fluids and antibiotics that MAY stimulate her appetite. Even with this shot, the chances are slim. The vet says he doesn’t think she’s in any pain, that she’s just feeling down, like we would with the flu. It’s pretty tense here. Gabrielle is stressed out, unable to sleep because she’s afraid Nyx will die when she’s sleeping. I’m stressed too, as my MO in these kinds of situations is to hold it together for everyone else and I started out emotionally exhausted, so I’ve very little to work with. We’re all exhausted – we didn’t sleep much last night – but we’re going to try to nurse her through this. Given that the diagnosis is a guess and that Nyx is a tiny little thing to begin with, we need a miracle. I hope the vet’s right. If he is, and we can get her through the end of this week, she may survive.

Today’s plan includes feedings & gatorade every 2 hours. Jeff’s going to wrap some things up at his place so he can come help take care of her this evening and through the night. I’m going to work tomorrow and Jeff and Gab will continue to nurse her. According to the article we found online, if it’s FPV and we make it through the first five days, she’s likely to survive.

Prayers are VERY welcome.

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