Good News, Bad Body

I’m sick today. Something going down with my tum, and I have to blame Gab since she’s had it since Monday. I’m at work anyway, going to do my school in Quartzsite before I go home to bed. But that’s not what I’m going to write about today.

I finally had “the talk” with my boss about leaving next summer. She was awesome about it and we agreed that I would let her know for sure by March 1 so she could have someone hired by June 1. It looks like Antioch starts a summer session in July, so as long as I can be admitted in July, I’d be moving the last week of June/first week of July. So exciting! So now I have to contemplate my application. I want to get into this school, so it’s important to me to NOT screw this up. In addition to the usual info and recommendation forms, I have to write 1-2 page essays on the following:

1. In what ways has your academic and practical experience prepared you for becoming a counselor/therapist? What do you see as your potential strengths and areas of growth as a counselor/therapist?

2. In what ways has your life history and personal experience contributed to your desire to become a counselor/therapist? Have you engaged in your own personal counseling/therapy? If so, do you see this as an important component toward becoming an effective counselor/therapist?

3. What will be the areas of greatest challenge for you in undertaking graduate study at this time? What forms of support will you use to meet those challenges?

4. Which clinical program are you interested in at this time? How do you see this program as best meeting your needs?

I think the hardest one to answer will be number 3. I don’t know how strong my support system will be in Seattle. One thing I am doing is going alone for the first six months to get settled in – and moving to a part-time work schedule. Is that enough, do you think? Should I say I plan to reach out to a therapist if I begin to feel overwhelmed? I have a good internet connection with many friends, but will that “count”? And am I just freaking out because there’s ONE question I’m worried about? I know I can nail the others, so…

At any rate, I’d like to start working on them here, maybe getting some feedback. Who’s game?

The only other thing I’m worried about is the recommendations. One has to be from a professional who has provided oversight of my practical experience – I’m pretty sure I could get Dr. Angela Tretheway at ASU or my current boss to do these. Should I do more than the one required from a professional? It doesn’t say not to, but still… And the other has to be from a social science instructor who can best assess my capabilities and readiness to enter graduate clinical training. I haven’t taken a college level SB course in over 10 years, though I will be taking three over the next five months. I’m taking them online, though. I’m not sure if they could do it justice. Louise offered to do it back in the day, but I think it’s best to let that sleeping dog lie. If I thought I could get away with it, I’d see if either Angela or Belle (also a Dr.) could do the instructor one. I mean, one is the department head in COM and the other is the head of undergraduate studies. They both work with grad students. Surely they could do the form even if they didn’t have me as a student?

Okay, enough rambling. I’m trying to distract myself from my tum. It’s not working so well. I’m annoyed that my tum is dulling my happy right now. Stupid tum.

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