Oh Facebook. You’re so predictable.

So a couple of times a week, I check back in on my personal Facebook to make sure I haven’t missed any major life events in my family. Each time, within one or two scrolls of the screen, I am reminded of why I left it in the first place. I’ve been on the fence about just disabling the stupid thing and getting it over with. I’ll have to keep my professional profile, but maybe that’s all the kind of interaction with FB I need in my life (read: distant and perfunctory).

That said, there are a LOT of friends I really miss who were either never here, or have really left this place permanently… or who’ve change the tenor of their online presence to be more professional (like me). That kind of sucks. But one thing’s certain – I don’t experience ‘net rage/annoyance at NEAR the levels I did before I cut it off in September. I deleted my Twitter account – don’t miss it at all. I’m happily cruising with an Instagram account, and that’s doing me just fine. You can find me on Instagram here: http://instagram.com/mjvansteenberg

More journaling later. I think the Pr0z@c is starting to kick in. I’m going to ask the doc to up it once more, but I think we’re nearly there. Man, it feels good to WANT to do stuff again.

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