The First Oath

From the 2005 ed. of The Ar nDraiocht Fein Dedicant Program (now known as Our Own Druidry):

In the First Oath the student swears to take up the Three Ways that are the core of our work:

  • Virtue – to do right and live well.
  • Piety – to keep the customs and work of the Pagan Way. 
  • Study – to seek to increase Pagan knowledge and skill.

At this stage there is no need to prescribe any particular fulfillment of these virtues, though the Dedicant’s material gives the basics. Interpretation can be left to the individual, or to whatever local consensus might develop. In time we should develop a body of writing that will help new members begin their spiritual quest for the blessings of Pagan Druidry. 

My own First Oath:

I, RavenFire, declare myself to be a Pagan, a seeker of the Ways of the Land, Sea and Sky, a worshipper of the Old Gods, of Brighid, of Manannán mac Lir, of Lugh, of the Mór-ríoghain. With this sacred oath, I reaffirm my journey on the path, the Druid’s Way. 

  • I vow to seek a Right relationship with life, to do right by kith and kin. 
  • I vow to make my Paganism real by keeping the rites and works that call to me. 
  • I vow to  deepen my understanding of the Ways through study to fill my head, heart and hands with the truth of the Druid’s Path, to live in peace and balance with the world around me. 

These things I swear to the Gods, to Brighid, to Manannán mac Lir, to Lugh and to the Mór-ríoghain. So it is, so it shall be.

This is not my first oath, and in fact is quite similar to the Dedicant Oath I took back in the late  90’s with Boudicca, my BTW (British Traditional Witchcraft) hps. The  main difference is that my earlier oath had some very specific BTW language in it, and I wrote this one to be more druidic. I’m thinking of this as a renewal of the original oath, but a renewal that acknowledges where I am today.

I’ll be carrying out this oath Sunday, June 28th at dawn on Sunset Beach. I may ask a few friends to witness the oath, but they may not be up for the early morning jaunt! Will post notes here after the event.

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