messages from Bríd

altarLately I’ve been spending some intense time with my Bríd devotionals and study time. This morning during my prayers and meditation, I received a message pretty loudly – that I need to continue building the groundwork for the Liminal Tradition (formerly Cassandra, and may change during the process). She said clearly that I need to continue the process of combining what I know, of combining Druidry and a few Wiccan traditions.

I’m hearing that I should tighten up the pantheon, develop the liturgy and devotional work. And I’m up to it, though I surely would love a partner. Thing is, that partner would need to love the Irish gods, myth, and culture as much as I do. I’m not sure that person exists in my life right now.  I could take on a student, teaching always helps me refine what I’m working on, but again, not sure the right one is in my life at the moment. I suppose it’s kind of the same principle they tell us when we’re just starting out, you know, that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear? Perhaps the same is true for the teacher, especially given that the  teacher is also a student at all times (at least in my philosophy).

Anyhow, I’m working to pull together topics, so I can then address them. Exciting work, and I’ll be doing a lot of runs of ritual style in the coming  months to work out the kinks. I’m thinking of writing it in both solitary and group forms, starting with the solitary. The group stuff will be heavily influenced by my work at Diana’s Grove, which hands down had the best group theory, even if the execution was sometimes rocky.

If you’re interested in hearing how this develops, let me know. I already have a category for it. And I think I’m going to backdate some entries to show the work that Boudicca and I did, and its refinement through Prairie Fire Coven. Stay tuned for more. I’ll post here no matter what, but if you’ve indicated interest, I may also seek feedback from you from time to time.

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