Organization is a sign of… staying home

Well I certainly made inroads to my rock star status last night, but it appears I have more touring to do. RockBand 4 – Rivals is great fun.

I woke up this  morning and starting my new planner/organizer dealio. I found it on Instagram and I really like it so far.  It’s not as complicated and time-consuming as a bullet journal (hey, that may not be time-consuming for you, but my brain doesn’t work that way), but it is definitely helping me to focus so I can meet goals I’ve set for the year.

So far this week I’ve completed a course on Irish Pagan School, spent quality Marco Polo time with beloved friends, got my sleep schedule straightened out (thank the gods) and made it out for a walk. I learned today that I won’t be going back to work until May at the earliest. And for the most part, I’m feeling good. It’s been a good day. Action helps stave off the blues. At least today. Heh.

PS: If you click on the most recent Instagram photo, there are 9 pics from my walk today. Spring is springing!


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