Yesterday we had the dubious distinction of being the youngest guests at the UU Church’s Thanksgiving potluck, as well as the only one with kids. Since we’re out here in the Midwest pretty much away from family, my covenmates are out of town and since we didn’t feel like travelling because we’ll be going to Arizona and California for Christmas and New Year’s, we decided to gather with the UUs. And besides, they were making turkey. Neatly enough, we managed to leave without any leftovers, other than the desserts we contributed to the potluck. No turkey noodles, turkey sandwiches or turkey surprise for us, thank the gods.

One thing I have really appreciated about the UU’s is that they have embraced us as a member of their community even though they are the most conservative UU church I have attended and we are Pagan. There are members of the church who are committed to gradually bringing the sixth source (earth-centered spirituality) into this UU’s awareness in a positive way. One of those people is the minister, David and another is the director of Adult Programs, Lin. I am looking forward to being involved with making this happen.

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