My card for tomorrow… the ace of stones/pentacles. Funny, considering the earth thing. Hmm… my card is from the Haindl deck and has a large, very round stone with a hawk soaring over it with talons outstretched. I don’t get much of a specific feeling from it.

Today I worked more on the SHE system to try to find a way to live in this madness. I’ve got the reminders for the kitchen done. Now for the rest of the house… I hope I don’t become anally organized and don’t have time for my friends or family. That’s my biggest concern. I think I’d rather have a cluttered house.

I felt a weird pull to try to contact a really old friend today. I dreamt about a town I used to live in last night. The town is Inyokern and it’s in the Central California high desert. In my dream, the mobile home we used to live in was surrounded by water, like flooded fields. Considering the area is a desert, it was sort of surreal. I dream about this place often and wish I could visit just to see how much it’s changed. It’s been about YIKES 20 years since I visited. I still get a jolt that it’s been 20 years for anything. Anyway, I looked up my friend’s name online and I think I found her. I sent an email and am hoping to hear from her soon…

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