Out of ICU

Jasmine is out of ICU and back on her regular ward. The doctors still haven’t shared with us what the problem is — though they may not know yet. At any rate, if they’ve moved her out to the floor, it’s because she’s out of any immediate danger.

More confirmation from the doctors today that moving to Arizona will be totally okay. Arizona can handle hospitalizations like this one, so we’re pretty much good to go. There’s SO much to do with the house before we can put it on the market, but we’re coming up with ways to work on that, including having “Fixer-Upper” parties, where we coerce, er, invite our friends to come help us get things done in exchange for the drink of their choice and food.

I know this is a short entry and I could really dig so much deeper, but I’m writing in short spurts between trying to clean this wreck of a house and dealing with kiddos. Maybe I’ll do that diving in later.

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