Jeff spoke with the doctors yesterday and here are the latest revelations: The blood tests confirmed that Jasmine is having a form of rejection where there are antibodies in her blood that are attacking her lungs. This form of rejection is rare and the treatment of cleaning the plasma is a new one, albeit one with a reasonable success rate. Success means Jasmine has a good chance of being in something close to the shape she was in before this started when it’s over, though there are no guarantees. It would not be surprising if she got worse before she got better and it would not be a bad sign if she went on the ventilator before she improved. So far we have dodged that bullet and I am praying we continue to do so. It’s bad enough when Jasmine can’t put on her glasses. Not being able to make a sound because there is a tube in her throat would be really bad. Jasmine’s second plasma treatment is today and the doctors aren’t expecting to see a change until after the third treatment, which will be on Saturday. We will not know the long term prognosis for some time because even if she recovers from this bout, we will have to continue to test for this over the next several months to see if it was a one-time fix or if it needs to be on-going. Still no idea exactly when Jeff and Jasmine will be able to come home, or even when she will leave ICU.

I, on the other hand, am home and am beginning to get my bearings. The house is reasonably livable and I haven’t killed the dogs yet. My spiritual community continues to be an excellent source of support. I am feeling sad that it’s been three weeks since I’ve slept in my bed with my husband, but I will survive. I am still worried about Jasmine and how this will all turn out, but I’m managing. Nina and Gabrielle miss having everyone together, but we still laugh a lot. They make it impossible not to. The weather here has been very cold and snowy, but somehow it seems appropriate. I just wish Jasmine was here to play in it with Gabrielle and her dad. Our front yard is sadly lacking snow creatures.

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