Kitty Krack

My cat is addicted to the tv. She thinks it’s better than catnip. When her favorite show comes on (she’s particularly fond of Connie the Cow, but any preschool show will do), she rushes over to crouch in front of the tv, eyes glued to the screen as if little fishies were going to drop out and land in front of her, huge belly forming into a ball so that she looks like a hippity hop left in front of the entertainment center. I don’t know why she does it. A child told me recently that cats only see dots. Well, this cat is intensely interested in dots on the tv screen, especially if they’re animated birds or fish. I’m beginning to worry about her. I mean, surely the kitty equivalent of the APA will release a warning soon that cats will become complacent and overweight if they watch too much tv… oops! Too late. Jewel has become an American.

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