I’ve been reading a lot about how society, generally in the guise of family and friends, tells grieving parents to “get over it.” I have really not found this to be the case (aren’t you guys awesome?). However, I feel a desire to think about something else, to not feel this hazy, half-assed depression hanging over me. I want to write about something else, too, except that everytime I sit down to write, I worry that if it’s not about Jasmine, then that means… what? I don’t know what it means.

It’s rainy here in Central Illinois, very spring-like. (Cedar, I really am beginning to see your point about the water in Spring!) If I don’t write about Jasmine, I think, as I look out the window at the rain dripping down from the gutters against a grey sky punctuated by still-bare tree branches, then maybe it means I’m hiding from something. Maybe I’m not bleeding enough, so to speak. Is it okay to want to take a break from bleeding?

I’m curious, readers… how many of you come to read about grieving and how many of you come just to read? If I wrote about something else — even something light-hearted — what would you think? It matters to me that you read this, you know, but ultimately it is, I guess, for me. Anyway, leave me some comments. Let’s make this interactive. What would you like to read about? I’m ready to write.

Jeez, is that appropriate for a diary? Ah, who cares!

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