Life After Death?

I found this song last night while surfing Serpentine Music. It was originally released by a band called Velvet Hammer, and was then re-recorded when members of that band formed a new band called Dreamtrybe. You can listen to a sample of the song here. And view the lyrics here.

Last night I read most of a book called Our Children Forever: George Anderson’s Message from Children on the Other Side by Joel Martin, Patricia Romanowski. The chapters are arranged according to type of death, i.e. pre-birth deaths, SIDS-related deaths, sudden death, expected death and so on. Each chapter talks about George Anderson’s psychic abilities (he communicates with spirits in something like five different ways) and his interpretation of readings that are transcribed within the chapter. It had some interesting and comforting ideas about what happens after death, but each reading was very similiar. George saw future pregnancy for just about everyone he read for, at least up to the chapter on expected death, which is where I stopped reading. He likened the experience of those who have passed to that of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, trying to speak to her Auntie Em through the crystal ball. He says the dead are often frustrated that the living cannot perceive them. Part of me desperately wants to believe some of the ideas in this book, but part of me is extremely skeptical. Prior to Jasmine’s death, my ideas about death included reincarnation and time in an otherworld. They were, in fact, influenced somewhat by the movie What Dreams May Come, which we now own. Now I don’t feel quite as sure. Every so often I get a glimpse of peace with the idea that even if there is nothing else, Jasmine lives in the hearts of those who know her and is part of the ecological cycle, therefore a part of divinity. But then I think… I know that who I AM is not contained in the flesh of my body. So what happens, then, to that part that comprises me, or in this instance, Jasmine? What do you think about life after death? Leave me some comments.

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